Friday, March 12, 2010

Clutch in Dark Plum

I think I can safely say that Dark Plum is the best selling color in my shop.  The Clutch in Dark Plum (with the light plum spots) sold out. Baby Ruche in Dark Plum sold out.

Well, good good news.  But first, a short story...

Before each vendor show, I pre-cut a LOT of fabric and leather for Travelers, Clutches, Baby Ruches, and Briefcases.  I roll up all the pieces, wrap it with a strip of paper, staple and label with their respective bag types. I place all these rolls in a big box so that I can quickly grab a batch and start sewing. Well, I looked through this box recently to find some Avocado leather for a custom order (and I found the exact piece I needed!). Along with that, I found FOUR rolls of Dark Plum labeled "Clutch." Sweet!

Here's the first of four, then these will be gone FOREVER. Most likely.

Clutch in Dark Plum
Banana Republic tank, Ann Taylor drawstring skirt, Kenneth Cole heels, Clutch in Dark Plum

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