Friday, March 5, 2010

Dinner, Dusty, and Pearl

First, a little update on The Boy and my anniversary dinner.  We went to The Carillon (as I mentioned in my last entry), and it was more lovely than our last visit.  We were seated and had a different server than our first visit, but the server we had for Valentine's recognized us and visited our table to say hello and wish us a happy anniversary! He was informed by one of his other customers, who happen to be our good friends. Thanks Christina and Harry. :)

We started our dinner with a complimentary glass of champagne (so nice!) and olive bread and butter. We ordered two entrees each. First I had the Crisp Pork Belly and The Boy had the Prince Edward Island Mussels. We both agreed my Pork Belly won that round. Second appetizers came around and I had the Duck Confit Ravioli and he had the Lobster Risotto. Lobster won that round. All four appetizers were amazing but definitely two were in the lead. I forgot which wines I had paired with each appetizer, though I asked for sweeter wines. They were all great and by the time our entrees were coming, I was already feeling the effects of the wine. :)

For the entree, I ordered the Olive Oil Poached Prime Beef Tenderloin and he had the Texas Coffee Rubbed Dry Aged New York Strip.  I think it was a tie. Although I really do like the flavor of coffee with steak. It added a great smokey flavor. Both steaks were cooked to perfection and wonderfully juicy and full of flavor.

We were completely full by this point but these wee little wine glasses were placed on our table (and I couldn't help but let out a little squeak at their cuteness). Mine was filled with a deliciously sweet Muscat and for him a Port. Then, the best part of the night. Our server (and our Vday server!) come to our table with a generous slice of Goat Cheese Cheesecake with huckleberry compote , topped with salted caramel with "Happy Anniversary" piped on the edge of the plate! You can see a picture of it here (after we took a bite out of it). One of the chefs came by to wish us, too!  It was a wonderful surprise and great to be treated so well by all of the staff.

The Carillon is officially our new date-night spot because always leave wanting more of their wonderful service and food! I'm excited for our next visit to try some new items! You can see their current dinner menu and see that the young Executive Chef can incorporate every fruit, vegetable, and meat existing into what seems like a pretty short menu. Everything we've tried was delicious and the product of a true genius, indeed.

Now I wish I could be a food writer or food photographer so I could have experiences like this ALL the time!

Ok ok, time for the shop updates.

I've got two new leathers in the shop: Dusty Green and Pearl. I was so excited to make a big bag with the Pearl which would showcase its shimmery beauty with the pleats and ruching. Gorgeous. One of my favorite leathers so far!

You can request a custom listing of any bag in these two leathers!

Shop Update: Traveler in Dusty Green and Baby Ruche in Pearl

Happy Weekend!

p.s. I wore that outfit for our anniversary dinner. Except replaced the sequin top with a sleeveless pink top because it coordinated with The Boy's bright colors better. :)

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  1. What a great anniversary night story!! I'm so pleased for you two :) Stuart and I will be back to austin on March 27, so we'll have to catch up soon after that!