Saturday, March 20, 2010

Head to Toe: Feeling Girly

When I buy new things, I want to wear them all immediately. This is one of the new dresses I bought at the American Apparel Factory Flea Market for $12!! Yes, $12. All dresses were $12. I bought three different ones there (among many other articles). You'll be seeing them very soon. :)

I've been procrastinating my sewing lately. It's funny because I thought that I would only do this with homework, studying, doing laundry.... But really, it's anything that's considered work at the time. Even if it's your hobby that you've converted into full-time work.

Sometimes I look at my clipboard of printed invoices, and then I look at my laundry basket, and I would prefer to do laundry than sew. Or sew something I'm not supposed to like clothes. It's really bad, and I think it may be human nature to do everything else besides what you're supposed to be doing.

I'll snap out of it after this weekend. It was just due to a little burnout earlier when I had a lot of orders at once and when I finally finished them, the feeling was equivalent to post-mid-terms leading into Spring Break. I am on my Spring Break. :)

I think this is also healthy that I take a break from work. I love my job, but sometimes it gets a little redundant, and I would like to keep it as fun and exciting so that I can continue to bring new designs to the table.

Back to the topic. I re-photographed the Baby Ruche in Plum with one of my new dresses and wanted to share it with you!

feeling girly
American Apparel dress, Wet Seal belt, vintage boots, Baby Ruche in Plum

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