Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Year Anniversary

Today is The Boy and my one year anniversary. We're heading to The Carillon to celebrate.  It also happens to be Austin Restaurant Week, so we're thinking things will be extra tastey (and probably a bit more crowded)! The Boy and I went here for Valentine's and their special consisted of 2 5-course spreads made for sharing. All 10 courses were the most delectable things I've ever eaten! Filet of Black Angus with a pretty spread of winter veggies and roasted foie gras sauce? That was my entree.  Amazing. We're so excited to return for our anniversary!

I already know what I'm getting. Crisp Pork Belly appetizer, Olive Oil Poached Prime Beef Tenderloin for my entree, and Goat Cheese Cheesecake for dessert. The Boy called dibs on the Cardamom Creme Brulee (yum!!). Plus, wanted to get different items to try.  But in reality, I'll finish the entire cheesecake by myself - I'm much more of a steak and cheese cake kinda girl.

Well, I've been searching around for something to wear, and haven't found it yet. But I did put together this little outfit to photograph with some of my bags. I've been needing some image upgrades in the shop, and since I have this entire wall free from my apartment rearranging, I might as well take advantage!

And look who decided to visit the set as I was taking pictures! :)

Oh yeah, I'm also having a GIVEAWAY. Enter here!

BW Metropark dress, Dingo vintage boots, Jenny N. Design bag, and Hubert the Pug

Metropark dress, Vintage Dingo boots, Clutch, Baby Ruche and Traveler in Red

Find more pictures and info on my Chictopia!


  1. You look glamorous! And I love your pug.

    Happy anniversary to the two of you.

  2. dear jenny,
    you're adorable.


    p.s. happy anniversary!
    p.s.s. i still want to pick up hubert and squeeze him till he hates me (unfortunately, that's my m.o. - ask my cat).

  3. Thanks, Joanna! :)

    Dear Michelle,

    Hubert wouldn't mind. He gets lots of squeezes daily and still loves me. Or at least pretends to for food and treats.


  4. Happy anniversary to Jenny and her Boy! mmmm....pork belly.

    Hubert is so cute here. I love how he looks directly at the camera. I wish I could get Lucy to do that; she is so camera-shy (kind of like me).

  5. Happy Anniversary! And you look lovely =D