Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Around the World Pt. II

I made my first sales to Portugal and Sweden this week! And that reminded me to update my Map of Sales that I started last year to track where all my bags are going. Unfortunately, I'm very behind, so I only updated the last two weeks. :( But it includes some new international locations! :)

My Bags Around The World

The color coding is pretty much obsolete now. The purple was to signify 2+ sales, blue is 5+ sales, red is 10+ sales, but I haven't been changing those as orders were made.  I guess this is why people hire people to take care of all these things. Or write programs to automate this. 

I also checked back on the first Around the World post, and I think my little business has improved quite a ways since seven months ago. I've made 290 Etsy sales since and have added some new destinations of Jenny N. bag deliveries! 

I can't believe I've made and shipped that many bags. It's really crazy to think back on some weeks where I was just sewing, installing hardware, printing shipping labels and taping packages non-stop. I really neglected my life during those times and I hope to manage my time better so that I will always absolutely LOVE what I'm doing every minute I'm creating.

The first thing I did to better manage my time? Extend my turnaround time and not allow rush deliveries. Giving myself more time to make the perfect product always has a better turnout than rushing on making a bag and sending something that is less than the quality I expect coming out of my shop. 

If you're a designer and maker, I highly recommend doing this. Customers will appreciate the craftsmanship.

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