Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, Already?

Leather Leather Leather
Soon-to-be Baby Ruche Bags

I've been busy. And behind schedule. That made me stressed yesterday. Plus, I was having a hard time concentrating, so I forced myself to take a break and stop by Diya's (In Her Stilettos) place for a mixer party before the UT High-Voltage Fashion Show.  I finally met the lovely Diya in person along with six beautiful Austin fashion bloggers, Tran (Tranish), Rachel (Walls Are Imagined), Kelly (We Hate Nike Shorts), Amanda (Dishevelled Stars), Kayla (Austin Etc.) and Jennifer (Lala & Bitsy).

I didn't attend the fashion show because I needed to get back to work. I must force myself to take breaks more often like this because it was inspirational to meet people who are just as obsessed with fashion as I am.  Really, I can only talk so much to my brother, The Boy, and Hubert about fashion before they start giving me the head tilt. :)

Head tilt

Moreover, while preparing orders, I unrolled a few (understatement) new colors to stock in the shop and at my booth at Renegade on May 15/16th! You can see a preview of the colors above.

Renegade Craft Fair day is creeping up on me and I still need to plan the layout of my booth for a great shopping experience....

Speaking of a great shopping experience, I have a little surprise on Monday for those Austinites who will be attending Renegade. Stay tuned for the news!

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

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  1. hey Jenny!

    Thanks for coming to the mixer; I'm glad we provided some much-needed break from your work! I bet showcasing at the renagade fair is pretty stressful but not to worry, I'm probably going to visit your booth (with a few other bloggers, perhaps?).