Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Leather: Eggshell Blue

I was stoked to special order some leather that perfectly matches my new favorite nail polish "Office" from American Apparel.

When the leather arrived, I had to photograph it. It's Eggshell Blue (Pantone 14-4809 TPX) and is absolutely lovely. Similar to Vintage Mint, but more blue, less mint. I haven't the slightest clue as to what bag I'll make first. Maybe a custom order will make that decision?

I have a VERY limited quantity of this leather, so contact me if you're interested in a bag in this color, because we all know how quickly the Vintage Mint leather sold out!

New Leather: Eggshell Blue

New Leather: Eggshell Blue

Because of the nature of the reflection on the bottle, the bottle color doesn't match the color on my nails, but believe me; my nails match the leather perfectly. Sadly, the color is slowly flaking off my nails thanks to my profession (combined with cooking, cleaning and washing dishes daily). Nail polish never stays very long on me, but this one is staying longer than usual - good sign! :)

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