Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm pretty sure you've seen Jacqueline's designs everywhere if you browse Etsy. I absolutely love her shop and can attest to the quality of her clothing line - I own four pieces (boyfriend button down, ruched leggings, Creme de la Creme black dress, and pullover dolman sweater).  I had to stop wearing the sweater recently because The Boy said to me one day during lunch,

"Do you own any other sweaters besides this one? I mean, it looks good, but you've worn it everyday since you got it." 

In my defense, working from home makes me want to dress really comfy but still cute, so I end up wearing the sweater, leggings, and leopard print super-over-sized slippers around the house.

I'm constantly checking her shop for updates and was pleasantly surprised when she updated her shop with some new spring-y photos!

lamixx on Etsy


  1. Thank you Jenny for all your support.
    Loved what the boy said.. to funny!

    Join lamixx on <3

  2. I love lamixx :] I also have the creme de la creme dress and dolman sweater and I ALWAYS wear my dolman sweater too! The clothes really are so cute and super comfy.