Monday, April 5, 2010


Photo taken with my iPhone

I started offering the zipper upgrade for the back pocket of the Traveler when a customer requested that the three open pockets become one zippered pocket so that she could securely house her passport, ID, cash and cards while traveling abroad. Ever since, I haven't made a Traveler with the three open pockets (it's been MONTHS)!

I've officially made the zippered pocket standard for the Traveler! :)

Here's the thing, though. I still really really love my Traveler with the three open pockets. I typically wear mine like a fanny pack to the park and keep treats and baggies in the pockets, but this weekend I decided to take my Traveler in Red Microsuede out for a shopping spree. I luuurrveeee it. I wore the outfit below and did a lot of damage at The Domain. :)

I kept my iPhone, chapstick, and a handful of gift certificates/discount cards in the third pocket and I was ready for a few hours of shopping. So helpful. I definitely still have a soft spot for the original three open pockets (which is why I still offer the original design upon request, just indicate this preference in the Msg to Seller upon purchase).

But I still have a few Travelers left that are READY TO SHIP with the three open pockets. They'll ship within 24 hours of cleared payment - beats waiting about TWO (2) WEEKS, which is my current turnaround time.

Red Traveler
Thrifted jacket, Banana Republic red tank, BDG jeans (from UO), Ash Virgin Leather Hi Tops (from UO), Traveler in Red


  1. You're so amazingly talented I love it. (My wallet was stolen/lost. I'm not sure which) But as soon as my new bank card comes in I'm ordering a bag!!

  2. I need a pair of those jeans! ah!

    lovelove, M.

  3. Chiming in to say, that I absolutely enjoy my Traveler! It's amazing all the items that I can place into it, without the bag looking bulky.