Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Build a Sign for Vinyl Banners

I rarely sell at craft shows, and when I do, I get asked the same question, "Are these hand made?" (Obviously, these folks haven't browsed Etsy to see how AMAZING handmade products really are.)

And sometimes people walk by and keep walking and as they're about to leave, I can manage a "These are all hand made by me," and they stop and say, "Oh really? Wow!" and manage to stay a little longer.

After 5+ hours of answering the same question, The Boy frustratingly says to me, "You need a banner that says 'Handmade' on it!" 

I got one.

Custom Banner from Build a Sign
There's a little surprise at the bottom. Visit me and be happy!

I went to Build A Sign and made a Custom Banner.

I have to say, I'm really impressed with the interface of the banner builder. I am a user interface geek. It's gotta be smooth, modern, and easy-to-use. I did some comparing on prices, and I think these guys are the least expensive, and you can get 10% off (I filled a survey at the beginning). They're banners are really affordable and mine was ready to ship out the next day. They're located in Austin, so it arrived even faster!

I'm really impressed with the quality of the banner, and excited to use it for my booth for the next few fairs I'll be vending. Hopefully it'll answer the question some people have, and also help people remember/identify my shop.

And I may also bring one of my sewing machines for extra proof that these bags are handmade.

p.s. Come and visit my booth at Renegade Craft Fair - Austin. You'll love what you see (in the red section). :)


  1. that banner looks great! i'm telling you ... NYC next year, lady!! i think you'd be a success at the bust holiday craftacular... just sayin'... xo

  2. Thanks Michelle. Man, I wish I could participate in a show in NYC - I wouldn't know if I could make enough to compensate for the travel!

    I will think about it. I do get most of my sales from CA and NY, so those would hold the most potential for sure. :)

  3. great banner! hopefully it'll bring you even more business!

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