Friday, May 14, 2010

Can't Find It? Design It Yourself.

I wanted to offer Renegade goers a way to design their own bag with me in my booth and have their order shipped straight to 'em in two weeks!

Thus, I made swatches.

I hope someone orders something. It was way fun doing this - reminds me of spending hours at Home Depot and figuring out how I'm going to renovate the next space someone let's me have at. ;)

Design It Yourself
Leather, Hardware, and Lining Options


  1. Great idea, Jenny! Good luck this weekend!

  2. How could you possibly have time to blog about this while you're getting ready for Renegade? You are truly one amazing woman, Jenny Nguyen!

    Good luck this weekend! Can't wait to see photos of your booth and signage and hear how fabulously you rocked that show.

  3. whoa that's an awesome idea... LOVE! ALthough you already know what I would pick anyway... same old same old haha!

  4. oh btw I'm coming by on Saturday!!!! I will be visiting with you if you aren't being mobbed already. ;)

  5. I'm looking forward to getting my bag soon! Thanks for helping me pick my own special bag. I really did want one of every bag in your booth. At least the hubs let me get two.

  6. It was great meeting you and the hubs. You're too cute. I told The Boy about y'all after he came back from getting us lunch, about how I really did want to take you two home with me. And in your hub's defense, it's hard to say no to someone who looks at something and says "I like, I want!"