Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Finds: In the Garden

My parents are avid gardeners - my dad's got a real green thumb (which I did not inherit, unfortunately). Everything I plant tends to die because I forget to water it or keep it near sunlight, or give it too much sunlight. So I usually settle with cactus and lucky bamboo because they require very little water and sunlight. :)

But the summer brings back memories of being back at home, waking up on Sunday mornings to the scent of freshly cut grass seeping through the screens of the open window, and the smell of coffee and eggs coming from the kitchen as my mom prepares breakfast. I peer over the stairs to see that parents are at the table, and mom plating our breakfast. I open my brother's door and yell (quite obnoxiously) to wake him up. He begrudgingly gets out of bed and mumbles something about punching me in the face as he waddles downstairs to eat breakfast.

Oh, the memories of being back at home.

In the Garden


  1. so pretty - love the little hints of black pepper - those shoes are so cool!

  2. This is lovely, Jenny--I especially like your childhood memories! I remember picking pea pods in my family garden as a little girl, but like you, I did not inherit the parental green thumb. I've actually killed lucky bamboo. :/

    I *love* farmers markets, though!

  3. So lovely to read this post and your memories... and wonderful finds!!!

  4. i'm with karen here! i killed a succulent which requires little to no water as well. i feel bad when people give me plants as gifts because i know that unintentional murder will inevitably happen. great story!

  5. I want to plant a garden so I could plan it and organize in the perfect little rows so just so I could use those garden markers from Say Your Piece :)
    Thanks Jenny