Monday, May 3, 2010

I Heart Parks and Mustaches

I love the outdoors - even more so now that I have my new camera to play with! The Boy's department had a family picnic yesterday at Emma Long Park. It was so much eating Rudy's BBQ (my favorite BBQ place ever) and photographing all the games and activities.

Have a look see!

Rudy's BBQ
Sand Art
The Boy and his handlebar

By the way, that's The Boy. I know he will kill me for posting this picture, but I really like it. And I was trying to test out taking pictures with the sun behind the subject. :)

Oh, and also, don't be weirded out by his horseshoe mustache (which I really like!) but the engineering guys in the department decided to grow different mustaches for Stephen's going away week (he's going to law school). It wasn't Stephen's idea (I don't think), because he can't grow facial hair. Or just very little in the 1.5 weeks that they had to grow their 'staches. See pictures below:

Germain (Tom Selleck Mustache)

George (Handlebar Mustache, still in the works)

Stephen - Nothing obvious. I think he tried for two weeks. :(

p.s. I didn't realize that the mustaches were so weird until The Boy and I went out with some friends a few times this week and each time, someone would stare for a while and finally say, "Okay, what's up with the mustache?"

I like it. I hope it stays (though it probably won't).

I love when guys have facial hair. What about you?


  1. I'm currently enjoying my its-always-5-oclock shadow I've had since shaving my head!

    On other guys, I love scruffiness but fully grown facial hair doesn't do it for me.

  2. I'm not much of a mustache lover but lately I've been finding guys with a little bit of facial hair attractive. With my most recent ex though I never liked his facial hair but only because it always scratched to the point where my face would look irritated after he kissed me haha

  3. I want to comment on the facial hair, but can't stop thinking about that plate of barbecue! Mmmm.

    Okay, facial hair. I have never been a fan. But then I watched Deadwood and kind of fell in love with Ian McShane/Al Swearengen's crazy look. I don't mind seeing it on other men, but not Andy. He talks about growing some kind of 'stache now and then, but I always try to dissuade him.

  4. Hmm, that's so interesting. I've asked people and I get the same thing. Don't mind facial hair on not-your-man. :) But I guess there's a girl with all those "other men", so maybe it is 50/50 with the loving facial hair thing. :)

    I like collecting data.

    Thanks for your comments Nate, Cadie, and Karen! :)