Monday, May 31, 2010

Missing Internet. Missing Life.

I love my iPhone, but I can't run a business from it.

I'm sitting at B&N right now using my brother's laptop because I couldn't stand not having internet anymore. We get it on Wednesday. Do you know how many days have elapsed since I've been on a computer? I think my eye sight has worsened answering e-mails on a 3.5" screen. 

I digress. 

Updates for you:

I moved to my new place last Wednesday/Thursday. It took less than an hour to get my brother's things packed, transported, and unpacked. And our total moving experience time was roughly 16 hours. Yeah.  In my defense (Mom and Dad, I know you're gasping at that number and thinking "Oh my goodness, how did we raise a hoarder daughter?!"), not only do I have a few boxes of personal belongings (4 boxes of clothes, 4 boxes of shoes, that's pretty much it, all my income goes back into my business), I had an absurd number of boxes of an entire business. Hides of leather, fabric, hardware, tools, tables, computer/printer, photography stuff, shipping supplies, binders of paperwork.... Oh, and a few heavy duty sewing machines, thread, presses, dyes and all sorts of photography props, mannequins and fun things.  

Oh, and we considered the KITCHEN part of  "Jenny's Stuff". Just because I'm the only one that cooks doesn't mean it's all my property. No, but really, the kitchen is mine and no one is allowed in it unless I give specific instructions if I need a sous chef. Which is rare, but still, I sometimes let the boys have a crack at chopping veggies (even when they all turn out uneven, can't complain - they're helping so it's the effort that counts). And sometimes they start the rice cooker. :)

Back to my point, sorry!

I'm still setting up shop, so I will be processing orders in the next few days and am 98% confident that I will get everyone's orders out on time. Hooray! I love you, too. 

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  1. Congratulations on your successful move! When I moved here from NY, I had to have friends tie down my few possessions in one of the smallest size rental trucks so they wouldn't fly all over the place. Now...well, I couldn't imagine moving a vintage business. Hope you don't have to move again for awhile!