Friday, May 21, 2010

Moving and Coming Soon

It's a mess here with the cleaning and packing going on at my place, but I'm really excited about the move to a new space with a bigger studio! And new furniture that The Boy and I picked out! And some vintage finds from some shops on Etsy that I purchased and asked to ship after I move!

Really, it's all going to be a fun process finally living like a real person and not a college student. Not that college students aren't real people, but we just don't make enough income to live in a pretty pretty place. At least I didn't. And since my brother doesn't care and is the most minimal roommate ever, we've been living like college kids for way longer than we should have since graduating.

No more futon mattress couch. No more bean bag chairs. No more bridge table and chair set as the dining room furniture. And definitely more art and decor.

I'll take pictures and share all my finds, I promise!

Coming Soon

In the meantime, I had a teeny weeny bit of time to make two new Travelers for the shop. But I haven't installed any hardware yet, and I don't have time to do that and photograph before my parents come in today to help me pack. I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do. Because I didn't start until last night even though my Mom reminded me multiple times to start cleaning weeks ago. Oops!

Fortunately, at this point, my parents are probably packing the car with tons of boxes, packing paper, moving blankets, a hand cart, and all at the same time cooking up some wonderful homemade foods to keep us alive for the remaining days in this place. So they won't read this and worry before they leave. They think I have it allll under control. Which I will. After I click "Publish Post".

But I do want to say they are the best parents a kid could ever have. :)

Okay, the end, bye.

What are you up to this weekend??


  1. Oh what fun Jenny-I can't wait to see pics of the newly decorated dwelling. I have no doubt it will have a distictive style just like everything else you do :)

    My weekend plans...more, and more painting while Mr. writes 2 research papers. I really gotta get out and about more :(

  2. ahhh... the first "real place" is so so so nice. my last house in LA was my "adult" place with furniture that took forever to collect from various thrift stores ... good luck getting it all together, it'll take time but you'll love every second! xo

  3. Hoping your move and new home will be wonderful experience!