Monday, May 17, 2010

Renegade Austin 2010: Quick Update

Austin Renegade Craft Fair 2010
The Boy and I on Day 1 of Renegade Austin 2010. Look at my outfit (look familiar?).

I. Love. Renegade.

I met the most wonderful people and finally met in person some Twitter and Facebook friends! It was great meeting you, and The Boy was definitely happy when you noticed him, and got to actually formally meet him, and know that his name is not The Boy. :)

I have to make this really quick because I have A LOT of bags in the queue to make and prepare for tomorrow's big shipment. Plus, I'm moving early next week. I get a bigger studio! Hooray! I will have more space to design and make more efficiently. I'm excited and I hope you are, too. :)

I must donate lots of things, throw away lots of things, and get everything organized before my parents come to visit with boxes to help me pack up the business (it's a lot of stuff, lots of heavy stuff). And if they come over and find that the place looks like it currently does, my accountant (Mom) will be very very very very angry. And you don't want a little Asian woman angry at you. It never ends well. Seriously. She's 5'1" and is well under 100 lbs, but packs a mean punch.

Okay, back to Renegade. It was a GREAT SUCCESS and I really loved visiting all the booths (at least the ones I had time to while I let The Boy take over the booth for a bit).  I loved interacting with customers - I received the nicest compliments ever, and was thinking, "Really?! Thanks! I just make bags and hope people kinda like 'em!"

Here are some of the most frequent reactions from Renegade goers. 

"These look exactly like the pictures on Etsy!" Thanks? Should they look different?

And, "Are you on Etsy? I've seen you on the front page a few times!" :)

And, "OMG, this is SOOOOOOOOOO SOFT!" while endearingly cuddling with one of the leather Baby Ruche bags. Yes, I do agree that most of the leathers I use are so soft and buttery. It's hard to describe these in pictures and words and sometimes you just gotta touch.

And, "Did you model those pictures? You should consider that, too!" Aww, very flattering, but 5'2" girls with long torsos and short legs don't often make it big. But I am my cheapest model for the shop. :)

And for some good news.

The Boy and I will be applying to other Renegades in the future. Like Chicago, SF, and NY.  I was convinced by enough vendors from out of town that my bags need to travel the US and be seen and touched in person, and I totally believe them. If you see my Map of Sales, there's a dense population along the California coast and in New York that carries my bags on their shoulders, and I want to meet them! :)

Michelle, are you excited? Can I stay with you? :) Just kidding. But not really.

Can't wait to meet everyone!

Oh, and everything green, blue and brown sold out. That was actually surprising because I thought pinks, yellows, and oranges would go first because it's almost summer, and seeing those colors in person and how much they pop, I thought it would reflect differently from my Etsy sales. But I guess I can always extrapolate based on my current sales...


  1. Congrats!! what an amazing feeling to get such direct feedback from customers. You lil' celebrity you! Your bags are really amazing - so bask in that glory!

  2. Wonderful news for you Jenny! I completely agree that it is hard to put into words the beautiful softeness and craftsmanship that your bags pack in person. Best wishes for your new studio!

  3. Congrats, Jenny! So glad you were successful. Those vendor fairs are a lot of work. You'll have to make a trip to SLO County to visit me and Sarah. She has lots of room at her house. :) Beware, though: it's so pretty here you may never want to leave.

  4. Way to GO Jenny! Glad you had a great show. I know what you mean about the feedback - even if sales aren't great it's wonderful to hear what people think about your work. Love your sales map too - way cool.

  5. Thanks everyone!! :) :)

    Justine, I would love to stay at Sarah's house. :) Maybe I can get a painting done of me with my bag?? ;)

  6. Yay! I'm glad to hear it was fun and a success--though I'm not surprised at all that it was a success for you. Since I own a JennyN bag, I can totally picture people cuddling up to the baby ruches! (And that's really funny that people said they look just like the photos. I think that's a compliment, though, because your photos are awesome.)

    I guess they don't have vintage at the Renegades...?

  7. Karen, I did get to meet one vintage seller who visited my shop (santokivintage) and I asked her why she wasn't a vendor because I love her shop. Apparently because they don't allow just vintage, so you have to have some handmade in your shop? :( :(

  8. hahaha!! yes, i am excited! i'm only a few stops from mccarren park and brooklyn is fuuuuuun in the summer time!!

  9. It was so great to meet you Jenny. I'm glad things went well for you at the fair. I sported my traveler today at work and got lots of compliments.

  10. I really wish I could have made it to Renegade! I worked the whole weekend :( I heard so many wonderful things about it and I'm sure it was just fabulous to be there, especially as a vendor! You and your boy look adorable (what a perfect dress for a purse maker!) and the booth looks great.

    Let's definitely hang out - I'm off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but available most days for coffee and/or lunch :)