Friday, May 7, 2010

Samsung 3D LED TV

We're big fans of Samsung here in my household (my brother and The Boy are both engineers there), so I was really happy to see the new Samsung 3D LED TV commercial because it showed an artistic side of the company that I've never seen.

Thinking back, I've always been a Sony fan - three of my last digital cameras were Sony, and I really adore the Sony Bravia commercial with the bouncy balls (which is also how I found out about Jose Gonzalez).

Well, after seeing the new Samsung commercial, I think they've definitely put themselves in the running for artistic commercials that connect with people.  And I'll be begging the guys to get this TV for our new place!

{Click image to view commercial in separate window}

Here's the making of the commercial (I love DVD extras, making of's, and the sort!).

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