Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tennis Fan? Oh, Am I.

Did you know I've been primed to be a big fan of tennis? Well, growing up, I've been exposed to a lot of tennis - my Mom played competitively and my dad would join her in some doubles matches with friends occasionally at the country club. I remember mornings when the TV would be tuned to some game and I could hear yells of frustration from my Mom as she watched. I never understood the scoring system, but was also not that interested to learn about it as a young child.

My parents even tried to enroll me into tennis lessons. I sucked. Though, I was a competitive swimmer at the time, so I was preoccupied. I think I have a problem with hand-eye coordination when I have some any type of arm extension tool - tennis, golf, hockey, you name it if my arm is artificially extended, I'm unable to accurately perceive depth.

Years fly by where I'm not at all exposed to tennis until I meet The Boy. He played varsity in high school and club tennis in college. Well well well, I witness my first French Open (last year) with him and boy does it bring back those childhood memories of witnessing someone yell at the TV in frustration.

Fortunately, The Boy explained to me everything I need to know about tennis, and I very willingly became a big Rafa fan. :) His boy is Roddick, who is also very cool (Austin, TX represent!).

And in one year's time, I think I know enough about tennis and have seen enough matches and opens to say I'm a fan.

This feature is dedicated to my parents and The Boy - who oh-so love tennis.

French Open

You can find the Treasury in which these finds were pulled, "French Open".


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  3. Tennis is great! Nadal all the way. He owns the clay, baby. I also was on Varsity in HS. Great to see a tennis fan blogging. Haha.

  4. What a nice post ...catches the right "ambiance" of tennis ...