Thursday, June 3, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Catching Up

Leather Shelf: Browns, Yellows, Oranges, Red, and Pinks

It was cloudy and rainy all day - definitely not the best set up for a long work day. I had a special delivery that needed to be shipped out today, and my car battery decided to die (the car is 19, it's a mess right now), so I walked to FedEx. Fortunately it was only 1.6 miles away, so it didn't take very long. Still. An inconvenience.

I spent the day catching up on orders and finished some Clutches (yay!). Yesterday while the cable guy installed internet and U-verse, I folded all the brown/yellow/orange/red/pink leathers. Don't they look nice?

The after-feeling was exactly like a feeling I had when I was 16 when I worked at Banana Republic - I would freshen up the floor by refolding stacks of jeans and I would be so satisfied that all the folds were equal and the whole stack just had this perfect poof about it. Then a customer would come in a few minutes later and relentlessly dig through the entire stack looking for a size zero. "The jeans are all sized ma'am, zero is at the top." Unfazed by the destruction she had just caused to my masterpiece, she would prance along to the dressing room. Then I would go back to refolding....

I'm determined to keep my stacks perfectly poofy, though!

That's all for now. More orders to be made!


  1. I totally understand your feelings about the jeans haha I worked at American Eagle on and off through college and people don't realize how much work goes into folding those stacks!

  2. those stacks look so lovely!!!!!!! Might have to go check out your shop!! :P

  3. love it.

    xoxo, your friend at lamixx