Monday, June 21, 2010

Eggs, Smoked Salmon and Toast

When I lived a lot closer to Samsung, The Boy and The Bro would come home for lunch, which meant that I would actually eat lunch. Now that no one is depending on me to make something, I tend to lose track of time and not eat anything until the guys get home for dinner.

But now that Wimbledon is playing in the afternoon, it might be enough for me to prepare something to eat. :)

I made sushi rolls all weekend, so I had some leftover smoked salmon to  use in some yummy cream cheese and lox toast. Unfortunately, I ran out of cream cheese. I made sunny side up eggs instead!

Egg, Salmon, Toast
Egg, Salmon, Toast
Egg, Salmon, Toast

The mustache etched glass is from Bread and Badger.

Speaking of Wimbledon, I made a treasury dedicated to the start of it today! 

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