Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

I'm ending this week with a lot of work. I have a pile of fabric that needs to be made into Travelers (see pile above), lots of paperwork and data mining to do. Data mining? Why yes, my boyfriend is a wonderful engineer/data geek and has assigned me the task of sorting through ALL MY SALES (since September, when it started full-time) and noting bag color, hardware color, fabric type, and some other variables so that he can help me develop some models for ordering materials for my shop.

This happened because I just happened to tell him that I had to rush order two of my linings because I ran out "all of a sudden." And from that moment, I was lectured about how manufacturing works. He is an engineer in manufacturing. Large-scale manufacturing. Samsung Semiconductor manufacturing to be more specific (they make memory for all your cool devices like your iPhone). 

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, he is in failure analysis (like QA) so I am never short of advice on how to improve my products and productivity. Anyway, his lecture pertained to something along the lines of building models that can tell you when to order what product and estimate when you will run out of certain materials depending on historical trends.


How have I been keeping track of my inventory in the past (currently), you ask?

Well, when I'm making a bag and need to add a trigger snap, I open the "trigger snap" hardware drawer and notice that there are only 4 left, so I put in an order for a few hundred more and pray that the materials arrive before the deadline of the next bag shipment.

He's treating me to a wonderful date night tonight, though! We're renting a Bollywood movie and making sushi rolls for dinner. Yummm!

Happy Friday! :)

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