Friday, June 25, 2010

Inside and Sold Out

Inside the Clutch
Inside the Clutch, featuring my new leather tags!

I just finished a Clutch that my friend ordered for his mom for Mother's Day. Yeah. Mother's Day was like YEARS ago and I'm just NOW about to ship it. It's not my fault, actually. I stick with my 2 week turnaround, but the order just came in rather late. Really really late.

But can you blame a dude for getting his mom a gift? That's sweet enough as it is. Whether it comes in on time or not, the thought of a guy buying a purse for his girlfriend/wife/sister/mom/daughter is always super sweet and I am always happy to help with picking colors and things. :)

Now to more interesting news -- after I cut the leather for this bag, I found that I have just enough leather for only one more Clutch (with a fixed strap). That also means that the other bags in Carrot leather are LAST ONES (and ready to ship!).

If you've been eying this leather, might want to get it now otherwise you may miss out!


  1. Such a great color! Your new leather tags on the inside are the perfect finishing touch :)