Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Living Room

As promised, I'm sharing the newest decor for my first post-college place. We tossed the foldable bridge table set we used as dining room furniture, the futon couch we used for our main couch, and all the mis-matched furniture. We started with a fresh new living room with a red accent wall (our options were slate blue, mocha, or red).

Living Room

The couch and chair are from Ashley Furniture - it was literally the only non-traditional piece they had in the showroom, and we were completely sold on the price. Originally, we were 86% sold on a couch from CB, but decided to shop around a little more when we found a sofa and chair (with delivery) from Ashley for less than one sofa from CB. It's our first place - can't spoil ourselves yet! Plus, this guy's made of microfiber, and since I make a lot of Travelers with microfiber, I know how much wear and tear it can withstand and how easy it is to maintain.

The side table and coffee table are from the STRIND series from IKEA.

The touch lamp is from Target.

As far as accessories, I've only so far added my Cardboard Safari Bucky from PopDeluxe and some milk glasses from me & mike on Etsy.

Across from the seating area is our built-in entertainment center. It's completely undecorated at the time except for one cubby.

Living Room (entertainment center shelves)

The typewriter is a garage sale find. I found this lovely letter N at Vintage Embellishment on Etsy. It works for both my last name and The Boy's. Convenient, huh? The glove mold is from Our Hoard House on Ebay.

Over the next few months, I will be collecting some finds to populate the remaining 7 cubbies (2 of which are 3X the length of this one). 

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed the little tour. :)


  1. I absolutely love your tastes (in fashion, in decor, in design, etc etc!). Whenever I move out of Rob's place and get my own apartment, I want to go furniture and accessory shopping with you!