Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whimsy and Spice

I know I'm sweet - it runs through my veins. Literally. I found out that my blood glucose levels were a little higher than my doctor was comfortable with, so I had to minimize the sweet treats that I often buy on Etsy, namely from a particular confectioner who makes really sweet treats with a dash of spice.

Then guess who decided to become a featured seller...

Back story:

I made my first order from Whimsy and Spice some months ago and was instantly hooked. They became my go-to place for sweet treats (with a dash of spice) and then my doctor raised concerns about my blood glucose levels and wanted to run more tests to make sure. This means more $$$ that my insurance won't cover. 

Fortunately, I'm a biomedical engineer and am a certified fitness instructor, so I've taken enough classes about glucose to understand what I need to do. Minimize the simple sugars, stay hydrated, and increase the exercise. Done. I'll come back during my yearly exam and see that my blood sugar levels have decreased. Voila! Some hundred dollars and 2 hours of time saved on skipping a glucose tolerance test. 

Back to the main story.

Last week, guess who decides to sit on Etsy's front page ALL WEEK and taunt me? Since I've been so good about avoiding sugar, I decided to reward myself with a sugar overdose and slowly increase my blood glucose one mg at a time. ;)

Really, when my order came in my brother and The Boy were like,

"Uh...aren't you supposed to -"
"It's my BIRTHDAY WEEK! Leave me alone!" as I lovingly hugged the box, unwilling to forfeit the goods.

So I photographed them before I indulged in a Hazelnut Whisky Sandwich Cookie.

Whimsy & Spice

If you are also concerned about me becoming diabetic, I assure you that I will share 2/3rds of these treats with The Boy and The Bro. Because I'm so sweet. *wink!*


  1. I finally put in a whimsy and spice order two days ago because like you I couldn't let the etsy spotlight tease me anymore! I can't wait for all my sweets to arrive, I ordered some espresso brownies that along with a few other things will probably give ME high glucose as well :D

  2. To induce your next sugar coma, I highly recommend Whimsy and Spice's Chocolate Gingersnaps, Chocolate Orange Cardamom Shortbread, Honey Lavender Shortbread, and Chocolate Marshmallows. And, yes, I did share. But not the marshmallows. Those were all mine.

  3. Justine - great choices! I have tried their chocolate marshmallows and Chocolate Orange Cardamom Shortbread cookies. SOOOO good! Honey Lavendar and Gingersnaps are on the list for next time. :)

  4. Serves you right....I wonder if they have something made with dark chocolate - less sugar but still yummy.

  5. earl grey cookies! those look yummy!! I think i will have to try some.
    I got my purse today! It's beautiful!!!! Thank you so much!