Friday, June 18, 2010

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

The guys and I watched E3 2010 a couple days ago, and I was pretty bored of all the new games (I'm not a fan of FPS games) but then. Then! Kinect was announced for the Xbox360 and the slew of games that followed got me squeaking for an hour or so while we watched.

The best one? Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

Back story.

The very first biomedical engineering class I took started out kind of like this, "We are here to engineer devices which will eventually make surgeons obsolete." We all laughed awkwardly after that statement (mainly because 40% of the class was pre-med), but fast forward five years later, I'm convinced. There are a great number of surgical procedures that are heavily robot-assisted (LASIK, Prostate removal) and can work with greater precision compared to a human. It's getting there.

With that thought, I see this new game, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, which calibrates your dimensions and will cater the game to you. It works with the angles of your own body. I mean, that pretty much beats what a fitness instructor can do for you in a class of 20+.

I remember when I taught Yoga and Pilates, I would walk through a class of 25-35 participants to make sure everyone is in proper form, but it's really difficult to correct poses in a class that size. At some point, I have to go back to the front of the class and move on to the next pose. It's tough, and this game makes fitness easier for your body and fitness level.

I totally convinced the guys to get Kinect when it comes out and we'll be getting this game (and Dance Central) for sure!

But the downside of not having a human teach you (or perform surgery on you)? You take away the emotion involved in what's happening. There is that very small detail that a surgeon knows that a robot doesn't. Not all bodies are exactly alike and there are always anomalies present once the body is open. Only a surgeon can react according to those circumstances and I don't think that the algorithms that run these robots have all of that quite yet.

Same with a fitness instructor. We know that all fitness instructors are different, which is why we favor some and avoid others. Not everyone will love the instructor that the game instructor was modeled, so it's not for everyone, but I think this is a great step in the right direction of making fitness games which can cater to one's body.

And seriously, this game is totally worth buying and playing everyday. :) 

Here's the video from the conference.

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