Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Banh Mi & Boba

Lily's Sandwich, Austin TX

Yesterday, I worked non-stop until 4 before I got to break for breakfast/lunch/early dinner. I was really in the mood for banh mi thit and boba.  I drove to the post office to drop off a box of packages, and then headed to the bank to get cash and then headed to the itty bitty Chinatown to get a sandwich from Lily's Sandwich and boba from Short N Sweet.  I got my sandwich and then headed to SNS when I found out it was closed! What?!

Well, I only got half of my craving, but it was still OK for $3.50. Not as good as I remembered this place was over a year ago when I last visted.  Something was missing. I was really wanting that homemade mayonnaise - it's that perfect amount of egg yolk, oil, and lemon juice. You can taste the hint of lemon. These sandwiches usually have margarine spread and pâté on one side and mayo on the other.  I could only taste the margarine. Bummer.  But it may be the projected bummage from lack of Almond Milk Tea with Pearls. Or I could be confusing the feeling with the awesome banh mi from Houston. That may be it.  :(

Today is another long work day, but I'm thinking about heading back to Chinatown so I can finally get my milk tea fix. :)

p.s. The sandwich pictured is half-eaten. I couldn't help it in the car on the way back. I was HAWNGRY!

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