Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Etsy Finds: Tribal Inspired

Etsy Finds: Tribal Inspired

I have lots of nice pieces of leather piling up in boxes.  I usually turn these into phone/camera cases for my family and leather feather earrings for myself.  I've received enough feedback from friends/strangers to sell my earrings and cases that I might just do that. :)

I love tribal inspired things and I often wear leather earrings and fringe-y cowboy boots whenever I'm not wearing basics.  I have two obvious fashion preferences and the fringe-y leather is itching to show up in my shop.

Some of you may remember my Eightfold line which reflects my love for texture, leather, fringe, and one of a kind pieces. Well, I finally found the box which contained a lot of those goodies (after I moved to the new studio some months ago, I've had so many great finds buried in big plastic crates and they're just now being re-discovered). And they're coming to the shop. At a discount!!

I'll keep you posted, because they're one of a kind pieces and may not last too long.

p.s. You can see more lovely tribal inspired pieces on my latest treasury on Etsy

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  1. Awesome Jenny! Thanks for including my little photo album~!