Friday, July 16, 2010

He's all grown up!

Today, Hubert lifted his leg for the first time. And I took a picture.

My parents also photographed and video-taped my brother and my first potty training experiences. Thank god they didn't post it on a blog for the internet world to see. Though they still have the tapes. I should get a hold of those and destroy them...

Fortunately, Hubert is a dog and I think it's OK to display his public urination on the internet.

OMG. He lifted his leg!!

He is 2.33 years old now. When do most dogs acquire this skill?


  1. I want to join the inappropriate conversation! I have 3 male dogs and all are leg lifters! They've been doing it as long as I can remember! So funny that he only just started doing it at 2+ years!?!

  2. Yeah, it's so strange. Though I've heard from some pug owners that some never learn to lift their legs at all!!

  3. omg, sorry about that. Stupid sign in/out makes me crazy. What *I* meant to say was, Lucy sometimes lifts her leg and sometimes she squats--I think it depends on her mood.

    Congrats to Hubert!

  4. It's OK Karen. I deleted the previous message when I saw it was from TEAMT, lol.