Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Leather: Dark Shadow (Pantone 19-3906 TPX)

Traveler in Dark Shadow Distressed Leather
Traveler in Dark Shadow

I've been looking for more man-friendly leathers (Browns, Blues, Greens and Distressed!) for a batch of Briefcases to make for Renegade Chicago. I know. It's in September, but those events just pop up around the corner and take you by surprise before you're ready for it.

Well, I found just that leather. And it's in super limited quantity (this Traveler and two Briefcases).

It's a dark slate blue distressed leather. So wonderfully rough, rugged, and sturdy.

I made this Traveler as a custom order including front pockets to fit a metro pass and larger one for misc. The original order was supposed to have a zippered top, but because these leathers are so thick, I couldn't do it. I broke 3-4 needles in the process and I called it quits.  The customer decided not to take it since she needed a zippered top. I was bummed because I spent over 14 hours trying to get this guy to work out (and not to mention possibly messing up the tuning of my sewing machine). *Sigh*

I was going to keep it, but I feel too greedy keeping a OOAK bag. So I listed this upgraded Traveler for a non-upgraded price.  You can find it here. It's a true labor of love and perseverance, I'll tell ya.

I will be making the Briefcases in the next few weeks and listing them. If you want to reserve yours before they go, convo me on Etsy and I'll set up a listing for you.

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