Monday, July 26, 2010

Steak and Potatoes Cutlet with Sautee Onion in Wine Reduction

Steak & Potatoes Cutlet with Sautee Onion Wine Reduction

There's a story behind this dish.

I was all out of inspiration for what to make for dinner last night and The Boy mentions this "cutlet" his mom makes. So I describe what I know...

"Oh yeah! Good idea, pound chicken, dip in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs and pan fry... That sounds good..."

And then he interjects to correct me that a cutlet has potato, flaked fish, Indian spices, made into a patty with some breadcrumbs and fried.

"Okay, so like a fish cake?"
"Sort of. Kind of wish I knew how it was prepared."
"I can look it up online...[taking out iPhone]"
"NO! We'll make it up." <-- What is with guys not wanting directions?
"Fine. But I want beef."

*The Boy doesn't really like beef. He's Indian, he didn't grow up eating it. Fortunately he's not bothered by my studio full of cowskin leather.

I decided to not make this dish at all with Indian spices and instead prepared an all-American dish, inspired by The Boy's not-so-detailed description of a cutlet cake whatever.

Ground Chuck

Boil potatoes and cook until done, then mash roughly. Add diced onion, cilantro and ground chuck (and a wee bit of oil to keep it moist). I season all the ingredients before incorporating them to ensure it's well seasoned throughout. I use my favorite combo for seasoning steak.  Form into patties, dip in flour/egg/then flour and pan fry.

I maybe should have left out that last step with the breading because I think it made it a little bit dry. Or maybe because The Boy squished the patties on the frying pan!!!! That's a NO NO! Of course I didn't find this out until the last few we made (I was busy making the patties and placing them on the pan while he baby sat them).

The only reason I sauteed onion in wine was because I was drinking a glass of Merlot while I was cooking (drinking while cooking may not be the best idea, but it does breed some good inspiration), so I decided to slice up the rest of the onion and add some wine and a pad of butter and cook it down to a lovely sauce.

And apparently there are different types of cutlets


  1. you guys are cute! I don't know why boys don't like the whole recipe thing, but what you made sounds delicious! :)



  2. Good recipe .... i wonder if i will get the ingridients at my Indian store