Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Austin Fashion Week: Awards

On the red carpet
Red Carpet
Photos courtesy of Jake Holt

I have to say, this Boy is my arm candy during all these fashion events.  He picks out all his clothes and I don't have a single worry except that my fingers are doing some sort of weird Vulcan salute. What is with that? 

Back to the topic. I originally had a vintage 1970s gown purchased to wear to the event, but when I found out what The Boy was wearing, I quickly changed my mind.  It happens.  I bought this from Banana Republic a while ago and have only worn it once on a date with The Boy. The shoes are Kenneth Cole. The Clutch is obviously mine. :) My nails are painted with American Apparel "Mousse".

The Boy is wearing a Calvin Klein button down, and that's all I know about his outfit because I was with him during that purchase. I love the chest pockets.  Men with 5 o'clock shadows and chest pockets go really well together.

Oh, you want to know what happened at the award ceremony? I didn't win anything but I do want to thank you so much for voting for me and showing so much love and support!! I really appreciate it! :)

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