Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Austin Fashion Week Photoshoot

Austin Fashion Week Photo Shoot
Austin Fashion Week Photo Shoot
Austin Fashion Week Photo Shoot
Austin Fashion Week Photo Shoot
Austin Fashion Week Photo Shoot
Photos taken at the Renaissance Hotel Presidential Suite

Check out (and vote for) our final photo at Austin Fashion Week. We'd appreciate your vote! :)

The photoshoot was fun and tiring. It's a completely different experience compared to photographing your own product. You just fix little things here and there on an inanimate object and voila, picture perfect. But when you have your product, other designer's products, hair, makeup, clothes, a model and a photographer, there are a lot of hands fixing little things and voices coming from all directions to move your chin here, arms there, hips here, fingers there, look here. It's a really amazing experience.

Every now and then I would fix the look of the bag, Shaesby would rearrange jewelry, Martha would fix hair, and Bridal Motif would fix the garment. All while Tommy is trying to get the perfect picture of Symon that portrays ALL of our pieces perfectly.

I have a whole new appreciation for fashion photography now.

And speaking of showing some love, you can also vote for me for AFW! I'd appreciate the love and support! :) 

If you're in/around Austin during AFW, come join my Designer Showcase Sponsor, Urban Betty Salon and me at Nomad Bar for our Cocktails and Couture party! RSVP here.

p.s. I have been totally in love with Bridal Motif's dress since I saw it.  The Boy is Indian and you can only imagine how many marriage hints I've been dropping all over the place so I can wear that dress at my wedding. Keep in mind, I am NOT that type of girl who dreams of her wedding. Probably because I have never been a fan of a white dress? I look bad in white. But I love love silk and gold. And red! My parents had two ceremonies for their wedding and for the traditional Vietnamese one, my mom wore a beautiful red "ao dai" (traditional Vietnamese dress) with a phoenix embroidered on it in gold silk thread (she still  has it and I wish I were a little bit smaller to fit it, sad). It's beautiful.

I guess it just takes the right dress and accessories. Oh, and guy. Of course.