Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lasagna (Indian-Style)

One of the perks of The Boy going back home to Pittsburgh to visit his family is that he comes back with a gold mine of yummy Indian food courtesy of his mom. And his visit came at the perfect time when I'm really busy preparing orders and stocking for Renegade Chicago. I don't have to cook for a while! :)

One of my favorite dishes? Lasagna. It's not just a regular lasagna. It's super-spicy lasagna with an Indian twist. So delicious. I may have to get the recipe from The Boy's mom, but not anytime soon, because I love being spoiled and just popping her food in the microwave and serving it.  At least while work in the shop is a little crazy... :)


  1. Un aspetto veramente super!!...Bravissima..Ciao da Tuorlo e Francy

  2. Looks yummy!

  3. Um, yum! Spicy lasagna sounds so good. Our oven is broken, which has been fine this summer, but I think we'd better get that fixed soon...

  4. Indeed Karen, it must be fixed! How will you make lasagna and casseroles and a Thanksgiving turkey... All the possibilities with an oven. So little without one. :(