Monday, August 9, 2010

New: Baby Ruche in Treetop Green Leather

(Inside) Baby Ruche in Treetop Green
Baby Ruche in Treetop Green

Finally, this leather has magically morphed into this purse after nearly a month.  It's hard to get new leathers out there unless they are custom ordered by someone asking for other leather colors available (which I really encourage!). Otherwise, I have to sneakily slip a new bag in a batch of current orders so I can have something new to offer. And still get them all done within the 2 week turnaround time.

I wonder if it's a good time to hire some help. I am a little swamped. But nothing totally unmanageable. It's just a little tough this week because I'm making orders AND trying to make items to stock in my little showcase at Urban Betty Salon for Austin Fashion Week.  Then there's Renegade Chicago in September. And then the holidays....

I won't think about it and just continue sewing.

Hope you enjoy the new bag! I love it. It's super soft and smooth. And I love my new photography spot. It gets lots of sunlight even in the evening.


  1. I loveee that green! So pretty.

  2. Your new color and your new photos spot are just awesome! Rock on, Jenny!