Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One of THOSE days...

You know those days where things tend to not go in your favor? Today was one of those for me.

It started with a check that I received in the mail that I've been requesting for the past 5 months. It came in but it was missing 40% of the money that was deposited. The background is a long story, but the moral of the story is that you should never give anyone a check unless you have 100% guarantee that they have an apartment for you. And the leasing agent that works with you doesn't get pregnant (he was male, but he said he was pregnant, I guess guys say that when their wives are pregnant) in the middle of trying to help you get that apartment. And when you ask for a refund, the guy actually ended up quitting the job and never told you. And when you call again, the only person who can deal with the finances finds out her nanny and kid got in a major car accident on the exact day you decided to call. And then the next time you call, everyone in the company quit except for one agent and one manager. And then you call again and the manager was fired and they replaced her with an assistant manager and the paperwork for your check refund was sitting on ex-manager's desk the entire time she was fired and no one saw the paper work. And then the next time you call there's finally someone competent enough to handle the situation. But then you find out that they're incompetent because they only sent you 60% of the refund, 5 months after contacting them once every 2 weeks to get the refund (yes, I am persistent).

Anyway, I called them and they quickly agreed to send the check immediately. Finally, better customer service. I may be speaking too soon. I'll let you know when the rest of the check comes in.

Ending TBD.

That already put me in a sour mood, but I continued driving around town to run errands.

I'm on my way home and my car makes a funky noise. It stalls in the middle of the road. I turn on my emergencies, put the car in park, try to restart. It makes a really weird noise and goes a couple feet and stops again. Now it won't turn on. I call The Boy to help me and have to quickly hang up because I have about 10 minutes of battery life left in my phone (what timing, right?) and at that point I'm pretty much in tears because I'm so frustrated with the day. And the heat. God the heat. That will make you delirious.

I pop open the hood and nothing looks overheated or anything. But I give up on trying to figure things out and just wait for The Boy. Dozens of cars pass by me (this is during lunch rush hour) and one guy in a military uniform offers helps. In my crying delirium I tell him my boyfriend will be there shortly.  He hesitates, but then drives off.  It's not like I can think straight anyway in the 100+ degree heat with a broke down car.  More cars pass by and about 15 minutes elapse before one car stops in front of mine and two nice guys walk out and tell me that we need to move my car out from the middle of the road because it's really dangerous. That actually never came to my mind. But I guess if a car rear ended me, I could use that money towards a new car...

I put the car in neutral and they push my car to the nearest parking lot. I thank them and they remind me to go inside and get some water because it's really hot outside. Good idea.

The Boy comes and all is well.  My car's fate is still TBD.

But now all I can think of is eating some wings.

Hot Wings

And getting back to work, because I'm now 2 days behind on my shipping schedule, and this just exacerbated things.

p.s. Those wings are marinated with a spicy rub that I made up and a large bottle of hot sauce. It's grilled to perfection with a lovely char. My favorite. 

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  1. Splurge on those luscious looking wings (I'm a vegetarian and they even look good to me)!