Monday, August 30, 2010

Preparing for Chicago Renegade Craft Fair

Leather Tags

Chicago Renegade Craft Fair is 10 days away and I am just now caught up on orders, but I haven't even begun to stock up my inventory for Renegade. That means I'm taking a break from the world [internet] for the next 9 days and will come back to you with an update on what will be available in Chicago. Trust me, you'll want to be there, because I have some really awesome leathers that aren't yet available online. Squeeee! :)

If you're in Chicago and have been wanting to see any particular bags, this is the time to let me know so I can make sure I have it at the show.

I'm really excited, guys. This is my first time in Chicago and The Boy and I are researching some must-see sites and food places. Any suggestions?

The Boy loves pizza. Thin crust, though.


  1. You must go to the Pier It's so awesome. Take the nite cruise from there. It will go at dusk and is about 2 hours long, you get to see the lights of downtown as nite falls.

  2. Internation Museum of Surgical Science! And for cocktails, you MUST go to Violet Hour. A pizza place you guys might like is Crust. The latter 2 are in Wicker Park also.

    Sarah Louise