Monday, August 2, 2010

So many updates!

Thank You Cards by DawnCorrespondence

This past weekend was my brother's 26th birthday, and here in my household we like to dedicate the ENTIRE WEEKEND to celebrating birthdays.  I mean, I like to force my roommates to spend 3 days celebrating. Details. 

My friend Sally (friends since 5th grade!) also came to visit this weekend and so it made the weekend even more exciting!

I'm back on track and read through all 68 of my e-mails from Sunday and saw lots of FPs that I was a part of that I missed and I want to thank everyone for the support and wonderful e-mails with warm congratulations. It means a lot to me when previous customers notice my things on the FP and inform me. I feel so special and loved. Thank you!

Because it's Back to School season (and the holidays are just around the corner!) you'll see a few less updates from me compared to the summer season.  You'll see mainly updates for upcoming products, events, and some cooking pictures here and there. 

Speaking of upcoming events, Austin Fashion Week is coming up very very soon! I'm preparing a special stock of items to be featured at my Designer Showcase Sponsor, Urban Betty Salon. So if you're in/around Austin and have been wanting to see, feel, smell, and try on these bags, you'll get a chance really soon! We're having a big party to celebrate our collaboration, you can RSVP on Facebook!

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