Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

No matter what brightly colored leathers I find and how much I love them, basics are always the most coveted. And when I can find a color that is almost neutral like this Sage or Dark Plum, those go in 1-2 weeks time and are never seen again. Because I can never find those again.

I get some of my best leathers from large upholstery remnants - the unused scraps that furniture companies toss out (not really toss out, they sell them). I dig in 500lb tubs full of luscious scrap leather and dig, dig, dig for the most beautiful supple leathers. The distressed leathers are my favorite. And they are loved by all who get their hands on a bag made of them. They are always in super-limited supply and always sell out quickly.

But the ones that stay in my shop for a long time and are always loved are the basics. Black, grey, and brown. I was organizing my studio and found a box with some leather already cut that I probably worked on before I moved to my new apartment. One of the piles had the parts to a Clutch in Dark Plum (which sold out in 2 weeks). I've listed it in the shop and hopefully it will find a loving home, soon.

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