Friday, October 29, 2010


Rollerskate Burnout Baseball Tee by WrenWillowRollerskate Burnout Baseball Tee from WrenWillow
 Pug Earrings from Plastique

I have a thing for burnout shirts now. I don't know what about it I like. Softness? The style? Partial-see-through-ness? ::shrugs::

Whatever the reason, when I have a "thing" for something, I tend to amass a collection over a short period of time. 

1. I have 6 of the exact same American Apparel acid wash deep v's, differing only in color.   
2. I have 4 off-shoulder tops from lamixx, differing in color and fabric type. 
3. I have god-only-knows-how-many vintage cowboy boots. 
4. When Hubert came into my life, I wanted 4 more little snorty pugs...

...what... shopping problem?

Back to burnouts, I've got 5 now -- 3 from WrenWillow.  I may have my collection, but honestly, I am really loving the ones I have from WrenWillow. The ink is SO SOFT, like it's not even there. I have no idea what kind of ink she uses to print these but it is so incredibly soft.  Very different from other screen printed shirts that I have.  Considering the price is comparable to other tshirt shops, I'm really impressed!

Maybe you can figure out her secret; she posted her process on her Facebook page

p.s. I'm not buying anymore, Mom, don't worry.  I have to replace the alternator on my car and replacing it is equivalent to a month's rent! Oy. The ONLY downside to living sale-to-sale --can't depend on the same paycheck to come in every two weeks. :(


  1. ohh my secret ink! ha ha ha. You look so beautiful and i love those pug earrings!! i'm a big fan of hubert... and you of course!!

    Thanks Jenny...


  2. this looks great! Jenny, you could make some alternator money by modeling, I think... just sayin'