Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gifts For Him (But Really For Me)

Looking through AREAWARE for cool gift ideas, and clicked on the "For Him" gift guide and found that I would actually like all of those gifts.

Here are my top 3 picks:

Mechano Chair by Andre Klauser for Thorsten van Elten
Magno Medium Radio by Singgih Kartono
Tool Set by Jonas Damon

My dad would be so proud.  

I remember when I started making jewelry three years ago, I asked my dad for a set of pliers and he gladly bought me the Craftsman Professional Mini Pliers set for Christmas. I think every year I ask for something tool or building relating. I definitely take after my dad in that aspect that I would love to have a garage dedicated to power tools and furniture building.

I make jewelry? Why yes, I do. I'm working on a line, set to launch Summer 2011.  :)


  1. That radio is awesome, until you look at the price. But hey, I guess it's worth it just on design!

  2. Wow! Jewelry? Looking forward to seeing it!