Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Normal Office Hours?

Hubert (Holiday 2010)

I have to admit --I'm trying to adjust to normal work hours. The Boy doesn't have to be at work until 9a and he leaves at about 5p, and that is so strange to me. Do note that in Austin, The Boy and my brother's schedules were pretty much 12-hour work days, and so I worked 12 hours each day as well (sometimes more during busy weeks). But now I have much less time to work. Which means I have to be a lot more productive each day. Which means I should probably spend less time updating my blog, tweeting, and Facebook-ing. :(

In other news, the holidays are in full-swing and I'll be working late hours to get all of these orders made and prepared in time for Christmas delivery.

Remember to get your Ready-to-Ship orders in at the latest:
Dec 8 (outside US orders)
Dec 10 (Canada orders)
Dec 16 (US orders)

Otherwise they will likely arrive after Christmas.

Back to work!

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