Friday, November 5, 2010

Planning My Apartment

Planning my new apartment layout

Besides finishing up all pending orders this week, I'm planning the layout for our new apartment in Pittsburgh.

We're finally moving into my DREAM loft! Ever since college, I've always wanted to live in a renovated warehouse with super-high ceilings, exposed plumbing, exposed brick, and everything concrete. What better place to find that than in the center of one of the US's most (steel) industrial cities? Exaaaaaaactly.

Since my studio will be integrated into the living space, we're getting some new furniture for my studio (i.e. not baker's rack shelves and mis-matched tables). I'm excited! We won't bring a TV so we can spend our time being more productive and use time after work hour to explore the city and work on our hobbies --The Boy is a drummer and avid reader, and This will give me a lot more time to produce some of the new designs I've been sketching.  :)

Happy Friday!


  1. How exciting dude!!!! Ton of well wishes and love :)

  2. I'm sad you are leaving Austin, but excited for your new adventure. I love my new Traveler, wear it all the time already. It's actually super handy for just playing with the kids in the yard since I like to keep my phone with me...a fancy phone holder, ha ha. It's almost like an apron for construction folks if you know what I mean. All my stuff right there.

    We can't wait to see pics of the new digs and Pittsburgh. I've visited there several times and always had fun. Some good friends live there as well. You two will have a ball. We will keep you in the ATX loop indeed.

    All the best,

    Whitney Hyde