Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My New (Temporary) View

Prepping to make Traveler orders to ship very soon!
Travelers! Almost.

If you're waiting for your Traveler to ship on the 28th, well you will be happy to know that it's coming a little early. I set up my very temporary studio in the spare bedroom of The Boy's parent's house and the view is so cute (lots of trees and a house that closely resembles my parent's house back at home in The Woodlands, TX). Better enjoy it before we move into our new apartment with a view of the parking lot of the building next door. :)

I'm getting quite a bit of exercise with this studio set up. I have boxes and boxes of supplies, hardware, leather, and fabric in their basement, so I go to the bottom 0th floor to do all my cutting, then go up 2 flights of stairs to the spare bedroom to sew everything, then go downstairs to install hardware. Phew. This will do until our new gym membership starts mid-December.

Hope you're enjoying these couple days before Thanksgiving! I'm responsible for roasting the turkey this year, so keep your fingers cross I don't burn it. :)

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