Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Kitchen

I have finally unpacked the kitchen and I know my mom has been dying to see pictures. I'm still without internet, so no pretty pictures today --just phone pics. Enjoy!

My Kitchen. So nice and neat. That table with the fruit has five roles in our house:
1. My cutting/hardware installation station during work hours
2. Packaging station for shipping
3. Prep table for cooking
4. Dining table for eating
5. IF EVER none of the above, it will hold the fruit plate or decor. :)

Our kitchen, living room, and my studio share the same open space, so I had to make due with multi-functional furniture.

My spice jars. My brother hates that I don't label anything, but I love the look without labels. My new (vintage) spice rack is empty now but will be filled within the week with all the spices that still sit in their stock jars, waiting to go on display.

The Boy gave me a set of stainless steel cookware for Christmas, and I got to open my gift early. To be fair, he got to open his beer brewing kit early, too. :)

Since we don't have a proper pantry to store cereal, sugar, flour, rice and things, I had to find a way to display them! :)

Finally, where all the magic happens. By magic, I mean where I work endless hours getting orders made and prepared for shipping. :)

Back to work. More updates later!

p.s. I love this desk. It's the VIKA series - exactly this one here.


  1. It all looks wonderful, congratulations!!! Love your kitchen loads (mine is old, I'm renting and so can't update... )-: )

  2. Love the new place! Congrats on the new move!