Monday, December 13, 2010

This May Be What Sad Looks Like

Hubert - Post Surgery

Hubert was taken to the pet hospital for emergency nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) removal. 

The doctor told me they would flush the stone back into his bladder and an abdominal incision would be made to remove the stone from the bladder.  It seemed like a really inefficient and highly invasive method to do something relatively simple, but after making a call to the leading animal treatment center in Pittsburgh in the few minutes I had the time to make a decision, it seemed surgery was the way to do this.  Of course the biomedical engineer in me makes me want to research a more efficient and minimally invasive way for this to be done, but that's another story.

After 2 nights at the vet, Hubert is finally back today. This was only possible because I live across the street from our vet clinic and I will be bringing him back every morning this week for check-up. I hope that he'll heal a lot faster in a quiet apartment where I can monitor him every second of every day rather than being in a cage amongst other crying and howling dogs.

Hubert looked so excited to finally see me again when I came to pick him up. He looked just the same way when I left him prior to surgery - all he wanted to do was play.

To say the least, this weekend was probably more emotionally taxing for me than Hubert. I felt so guilty that I made my poor dog suffer through so much pain and surgery. I wondered what I did wrong in caring for him as I give him the most expensive premium food that I can afford and keep him on a good exercise schedule and fill his days with lots of play and love.

The Boy said that I shouldn't keep so much of the burden and just to stay strong and continue to improve what I do to care for Hubert. Sometimes I guess it's hard to not feel at fault for what happens to the thing you are responsible for keeping safe.

I'm just glad he's home so that I can now concentrate on my work and stop worrying.


  1. Oh, Hubert! Poor sweetie. When Lucy has been ill or had medical issues, it is the worst, so I really understand how you feel. I bet he is so happy to be at home again, and I hope he is all better soon!

  2. Jenny, you sound like a wonderful 'mom'. Don't blame yourself. From what I know, kidney stones just sometimes happen. I have a friend who is nursing her dog back from just having had them.

    I hope Hubert can recover quickly. As for you, just relax and love him. I'm sure that's all he wants. Oh and probably a tummy rub later. :)