Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shop Update: Clutch in Blush Pink

Just added to the shop!

Clutch in Blush Pink with Blossom
Clutch in Blush Pink with Blossom
Banana Republic dress, Charlotte Russe cardigan, Rue 21 belt, thrifted pumps, Clutch in Blush Pink

p.s. I got those pumps for $2.98. Yeah, exactly.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shop Update: Margot Bianca Batiks

Just listed some Travelers in beautiful Margot Bianca batik fabric.

Traveler in Margot Bianca Batik

You can find more of Margot's beautiful handmade fabrics and linens in her shop on Etsy!

Margot Bianca Batiks

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shop Update: Baby Ruche in GRAY Leather

Baby Ruche Bag in GRAY Leather
Baby Ruche Bag in GRAY Leather

Bitten top, WetSeal belt, BDG cigarette jeans, vintage booties, Baby Ruche in GRAY

NEW NEW NEW! I'm so excited for gray leather. It's incredibly functional for all seasons. The leather has an incredibly smooth and glossy hand. Perfect for ANY outing.

It's now listed in the shop. You can get it here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Observing the Gig Line

My dad asked me if women observe the gig line like men.

Back story: My dad is a military man (we did push-ups as punishment rather than getting grounded).

Ever since I started wearing belts, my dad taught me to always align my buttons with the buckle of my belt. That's the way they do it in the military, and that's the way I always wore my belts. Until...

High school. I went through this wear-a-necktie-like-a-belt phase because I liked weird accessories and my dad's neckties were available and plentiful.

Then I went through a bright-belt phase where I would buy neon colored belts and wear them with my all-black attire (when I went through a wear-all-black phase). I also slid the buckle off to the side. I guess I was an accessory rebel back in my youth.

Thus, when my dad asks me if women observe the gig line (which is the alignment of the belt buckle with the buttons of the shirt and pant fly), I did a little research and found that belts don't follow a particular rule and wearing them in every way EXCEPT traditionally is the way to go. :)

See figure below.

Observing the Gig Line
a. Banana Republic
b. Free People
c. Alexander Wang (from ShopBop)
d. J. Crew


p.s. I'm making a slight change to the Clutch, so keep an eye out for a new upgrade option! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Etsy Finds: Safari

In keeping with the Safari theme. :)

a. vintage SAFARI khaki cotton romper, DearGoldenVintage
b. 25 wooden beads, PerlineDesign
c. Cheetah Print Safari Boho Blouse, DisarmingDarlingVintage 
d. Safari Tote, Yokoo
e. Vintage SAFARI Pumps, MariesVintage
f. Safari Cardigan, santokivintage


Gap shirt, Gap jeans, Rocket Dog boots from Piperlime, Traveler in Margot Bianca batik

I'm really lovin' the safari look. I think most of the things I've been buying lately have been earth toned (safari-inspired) and blue/white stripes (nautical-inspired). That just means I'm ready for boat parties, backyard get togethers, and everything summer. :)

By the way, I donated a pair of old jeans and got 35% off those Gap skinny jeans during the jean sale. They are uber-comfy. My new favorite pair!

Here are some pictures from a recent boat party hosted by our friend Harry for his friends coming into town from Cali. It was super super cold at first (everyone was bundled up in multiple layers of jackets and blankets), but after we anchored in a cove, we experienced very little wind and enjoyed the sun!

It was cold at first
Me & The Boy on a party barge
I love me some fried chicken
Photos courtesy of Harry Chou

Unfortunately, I didn't get any clear images of my outfit, but I'm wearing a dress (similar to the shirt above) from Gap, belt from Charlotte Russe, tights from Gap, and boots by Rocket Dog from Piperlime. The sunglasses were part of this 10 pairs for $10 from Graveyard Mall. I will probably re-wear this and photograph it soon. I love love the outfit! :)

What's your favorite spring/summer fashion style?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hubert!

Hubert is 2!

My Hubert is now 2 years old. He has been showing signs of maturity lately...

Instance 1: Going Out

I've trained Hubert to associate the term "bedroom" with his kennel because I just didn't like the word kennel. His really over-sized kennel takes up half of the laundry room, and his litter box the other. There's a small space in between for his water dispenser and food bowl. When I go out during the day, I usually put on my shoes, and then say, "Hubert, let's go to your bedroom."  (Yes, I'm a "we" and "us" kind of speaker. It stuck in my normal conversation speech from my fitness instructor days. The Boy hates when I say, "Hey babe, can we take out the trash?" and he's like, "Yes, let's, both of us, tie up the trash and together we can take it outside your front door!").  Hubert then walks into his bedroom, lays down, and I put up the baby gate so he still has access to his litterbox, etc.

Before he learned to go into his bedroom and lay down, when he would see me putting on my shoes, he would jump jump jump, bark bark bark, and cry cry cry.  I slowly taught him to go to his bedroom. And then taught him to lay down when he goes into his bedroom to keep him calm.  Then I taught him to clean up his toys by taking them to his bedroom before I leave.

Well, last week, The Boy and I were putting on our shoes to go out, and when I turned to ask Hubert to go to his bedroom, we noticed he was already there, relaxed with raw hide in between his front paws.

I could have cried with delight. 

Instance 2: Goodnight

Before bed, Hubert gets a little cranky and paces around the house, looking for a place to sleep. Pace pace pace and then finally finds a place on my lap (but moreso my torso; he's big) and sleeps. During this time, The Boy sends him to his bedroom and he usually gladly goes. He's obviously waiting for the command for him to go to bed.

Last Sunday, my brother, The Boy, and I were playing video games and chatting in the living room when I notice that Hubert wasn't nearby (he's ALWAYS by one of us).  I get up to find him in his bedroom, fast asleep.


My baby's all grown up. :)

Hubert is 2!

See more Hubert through the years on my Flickr

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Got the Blues

For some water and sun on a party barge! :)

Some blue finds from my sponsors!

Got The Blues
Knitted goods from YessJess
Functional batiks from Margot Bianca
Paper goods from Piping Hot Papers

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Head to Toe: Feeling Girly

When I buy new things, I want to wear them all immediately. This is one of the new dresses I bought at the American Apparel Factory Flea Market for $12!! Yes, $12. All dresses were $12. I bought three different ones there (among many other articles). You'll be seeing them very soon. :)

I've been procrastinating my sewing lately. It's funny because I thought that I would only do this with homework, studying, doing laundry.... But really, it's anything that's considered work at the time. Even if it's your hobby that you've converted into full-time work.

Sometimes I look at my clipboard of printed invoices, and then I look at my laundry basket, and I would prefer to do laundry than sew. Or sew something I'm not supposed to like clothes. It's really bad, and I think it may be human nature to do everything else besides what you're supposed to be doing.

I'll snap out of it after this weekend. It was just due to a little burnout earlier when I had a lot of orders at once and when I finally finished them, the feeling was equivalent to post-mid-terms leading into Spring Break. I am on my Spring Break. :)

I think this is also healthy that I take a break from work. I love my job, but sometimes it gets a little redundant, and I would like to keep it as fun and exciting so that I can continue to bring new designs to the table.

Back to the topic. I re-photographed the Baby Ruche in Plum with one of my new dresses and wanted to share it with you!

feeling girly
American Apparel dress, Wet Seal belt, vintage boots, Baby Ruche in Plum

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Finds: Spring Pinks

Friday Finds: Spring Pinks

vintage FLORAL belted jumpsuit, brownbagvintage
Headband with Flower, BornWithIt
Rose Petals Soy Blended Candle, JenSanCandles
Spring Part 2 Fine Art Print, Lori411

Happy Weekend!

Life Update: Drivers License

American Apparel flea market
American Apparel flea market

This may come as a surprise to some of you, and a well-known fact for others. I can't drive (but now I can, as of yesterday). Story of my life.

When my brother turned 16 and could drive, I was 14 and always had a ride. Woohoo!

I turned 16 and my brother went to college. My mom agreed to drive me everywhere so that we could have more "bonding time" before I go to college (mainly to save money on insurance). Little did she know that I was working at Banana Republic 20 hours/week, president of a school organization, involved in 4+ other school organizations, training to become a fitness instructor, and still in high school. We had a lot of bonding time. Good thing, because she's my best friend ever! :)

I went to college and you really don't need a car in Austin when you're living around campus. The public transportation system is amazing (and free for students!). I could get to the mall, grocery store, and ride my bike everywhere else I needed to go.

I graduated college and started working full-time for myself at home. Not bad, no need for a car. I order everything I need online (and the apartment management wonders why I receive so many packages daily) for myself and business. I use Endicia for printing shipping labels (best for First Class International) and use USPS Carrier Pickup. The UPS, USPS, FedEx people love me. :) No need to leave the apartment!

Well, there comes a time when I need to leave the nest and get the celery I forgot to buy during the grocery run. Or when I need to have a Chick-fil-a lunch date with my friend Nathan. Or would prefer going to the mall to try clothes to save on shipping costs and returns. Or take Hubert to the park during the day because the boys refuse to have him shed in their new cars.

There are always those little times when you need that little bit of independence. It was about that time.

My brother set up a WRITTEN CONTRACT that I signed in agreement to have my license by March 8th (Back story - I introduced written contracts between my brother and me because he often forgets a lot of compromises and agreements). He stuck it to the fridge and that was that. The Boy showed me all the ropes in the month before the deadline. I also totally p0wn'd parallel parking my first try! Take that!

All with my parent's old '91 Camry. It's our family initiation car. My brother drove it when he started working, and now it's mine. :)

10 days after my agreed deadline, I have a license. Thank god. 

To celebrate, The Boy took me (he does NOT want me driving during SXSW - Austin traffic is RIDICULOUS right now) to the American Apparel Factory Flea Market and I bought a pile of stuff, for super cheap.

I'm happy. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the winners are...

This could be added to the giveaway, too!

Congratulations to littlegemsbykari and rima329 for winning the March Giveaway! :) I will be contacting you shortly for more information.

I really want to thank everyone for all the tweets, Facebook sharing, and blogging about this giveaway.  We went above and beyond my expectations with the exposure of this giveaway --making a SECOND winner possible! Over 100 followers in 2 weeks! That's amazing! I'm really thankful for all the support and would like to thank all the participants with a little (but really, it's big) gift of appreciation.

Please enjoy 10% off your entire purchase from my shop. Just use the code "MARCHGIVE10" in the message to seller upon checkout and you will receive the refund via PayPal shortly after.

This offer expires on Thursday, March 25th - a week from today!
10% is taken off the listing price (not including shipping).

Looking forward to many more giveaways to come!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I needed a break today.

I've been sewing non-stop for the past few weeks. I really needed a break from sewing (bags).  I keep a pile of thrift store finds nearby for instances like this.  I found an over sized, unflattering ruffle shirt and thought I would transform it into a simple tank to wear this weekend. 

What do you think?

After: Altered Ruffle Shirt
altered vintage ruffle top, Wet Seal belt, lamixx leggings, vintage booties, Clutch in Black

This is the Before:

Before: Vintage Ruffle Shirt

American Apparel Unisexy

American Apparel Unisexy

I've always been a fan of turning menswear into womenswear (i.e. I made this and this), but I'm noticing that menswear is becoming more fitted, and womenswear a bit less. And voila, unisex.

And now to rummage through The Boy's closet for something to wear...

p.s. There's an American Apparel Factory Flea Market coming to Austin for SXSW! I am really pressuring The Boy to take me so that I can expand my current collection of AA wear. Seriously. It's like my new Threadless obsession.

Images from American Apparel

Happy St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

I'm happy to announce that we've exceeded the 100 followers in 2 weeks for the Giveaway! Thank you so much for all your Tweets, Facebook updates, and blogging about the giveaway. As promised, I'm adding the Clutch in Burnt Orange into the drawing. The winners will be announced tomorrow, so you still have time to enter!

I know that today many shops are offering discounts for St. Patty's Day, but I wanted to wait until after the giveaway winner announcement to present a special discount for my blog followers! :)

Stay tuned!

Shamrock image from Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liberty of London for Target

The new Liberty of London for Target has been making me antsy to go shopping for a summer dress, but I have too many bags to make in the next few weeks. That doesn't stop me from blogging about 'em during my sewing breaks, though. :)

And they have stuff for men, too!

Liberty of London for Target

p.s. 3 more blog followers and the Clutch in Burnt Orange is going in the giveaway!

For Sale: Banana Republic tops

I used to work at Banana Republic while in high school. Over those years, I accumulated quite the collection of BR clothes. I wore each piece only a few times because I had CLOSETS full of clothes! Really, plural closets. My closet in Austin is full of Banana stuff, and I have two closets at my parents home with more.

I was originally saving these for whatever corporate engineering job I was going to take post-graduation, but now I'm designing bags (at home) full-time, so I no longer need the collection of button downs. They're for sale for super cheap! They all go really well with a high-waisted pencil skirt/pants.

See my shop blog for more info.

Banana Republic button down
Banana Republic Candy Stripe 3/4 Button Down

Banana Republic sailor top
Banana Republic sailor top

Behind the Scenes: Shipping Travelers

The end result of this post. I like to share as much about my little business as I can photograph. I love love to see pictures of "behind the scenes" of other hand makers and figured you'd feel the same way. :)

It has been raining non-stop since last night. The gloominess makes it very hard to keep working (as I get very very little lighting in my studio). But I did manage to finish the Travelers that needed to be shipped today.  I didn't finish two of the Margot Bianca batik Travelers yet --I was in a time crunch, but I will be working on those soon. Possibly in the next round of Travelers. 

Travelers, Done.
Ready to Ship


Monday, March 15, 2010

Selling my Closet

My closet is bursting at the seams.  Almost literally.  I have super thin hangers and all my shirts are squished together.  It's time to start spring cleaning. I'm getting rid of some items from my closet.

I've started a blog dedicated to just this.

Check it out. I've listed 17 First Edition Threadless shirts (some never been worn, all size Small) + a TMNT shirt.

In case of fire, 1st Ed
Dulces Vacaciones, 1st Ed
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tee

Austin Zilker Park 82nd Kite Festival

I'm not sure if you have a Kite Festival in your city, but every year, we go to the Zilker Park Kite Festival and it's always a fun time! The Austin skyline becomes littered with kites. Trees are adorned with lost kites. Festival goers get knocked in the head with kite noses, strangled with kite tails, and tripped by kite strings. It's really a fun experience and always a great bonding experience for young and old alike. :)

Last year we didn't get ANY of our kites to fly. This year proved to be a little different... at least for my brother's Sea Turtle kite. My Penguin kite still didn't fly, so I've given up on it for good. It now resides in one of the Austin City trashcans. RIP Penguin Kite.

Along with kite-flying, The Boy and I enjoyed some fresh fruit Maui Wowi smoothies and a crispy funnel cake (yum!).

5 hours later, I'm very very sunburned. With tank top tan. Applying aloe vera hourly. Loose clothing. Very loose clothing.  Face hurts.


See more photos on my Flickr.

THREE days to enter the GIVEAWAY for a Clutch! I'm very close to 300 followers, and if I make it, another Clutch will be added to the prizes! Hurry hurry! 

Friday, March 12, 2010

In the Making: Travelers

Travelers are in the making now, so if you've ordered one recently, they're on their way!

Can you find yours?

Plus, two new Margot Bianca batik Travelers coming soon! :)

Margot Bianca batiks, Army Green corduroy, Sage canvas, Burnt Orange canvas, Brown/Tan Houndstooth, Brown canvas, Black canvas

Clutch in Dark Plum

I think I can safely say that Dark Plum is the best selling color in my shop.  The Clutch in Dark Plum (with the light plum spots) sold out. Baby Ruche in Dark Plum sold out.

Well, good good news.  But first, a short story...

Before each vendor show, I pre-cut a LOT of fabric and leather for Travelers, Clutches, Baby Ruches, and Briefcases.  I roll up all the pieces, wrap it with a strip of paper, staple and label with their respective bag types. I place all these rolls in a big box so that I can quickly grab a batch and start sewing. Well, I looked through this box recently to find some Avocado leather for a custom order (and I found the exact piece I needed!). Along with that, I found FOUR rolls of Dark Plum labeled "Clutch." Sweet!

Here's the first of four, then these will be gone FOREVER. Most likely.

Clutch in Dark Plum
Banana Republic tank, Ann Taylor drawstring skirt, Kenneth Cole heels, Clutch in Dark Plum

Oh, my GIVEAWAY ends on St. Patrick's Day, so remember to follow me and comment! If I reach 300 followers, I'll add another leather Clutch!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

30 Threadless Tees, For Sale

30+ Threadless shirts, for sale

I accumulated quite the collection of Threadless tees during my college years.  I'm ready to let them all go.  At least 30 of them.  Some of them have been worn as many as 8 times, some none at all.  All size small.  I'll be photographing these in the next few days and posting them for sale on a separate blog as first come first serve.  Keep an eye out for the link!

Looks like Spring, Feels like Spring...

It must be! Sunny and 70's.

This time last year I was studying for midterms and so ready for Spring Break. I'm experiencing something a little similar. I'm ready for a long weekend vacation!

In the meantime, I found an outfit I wore way too often during the spring semester last year because it's really comfortable for walking around campus. Photographed the Traveler in Dusty Green with it, too. Which. By the way. I think portrays its color a lot better than my original photos (the listing has also been updated with the Pantone color, which I finally figured out with my new Pantone Color Guide!).

Military Inspired

Banana Republic tank, American Eagle cargo shorts, Roxy flip flops, Traveler in Dusty Green

By the way, Travelers make great bags for holding treats for dog training, and holding film for photo excursions.  Lower left image, Hubert is giving me a "High Five"!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

50 Followers in a Week?

First, I wanted to thank you for all of your support in promoting my giveaway. I really can't believe the results of my March Giveaway so far! I made the promise during my January Giveaway that I would add another clutch if I received 100 new followers (1 clutch per 100 followers, actually). Unfortunately, I wasn't close that time.

However, this week my followers have already increased by 50, and I'm wondering if I can get 50 more in a week to add this Clutch in Burnt Orange Leather to the prizes?

That would really increase your chances of winning!

This could be added to the giveaway, too!

Help me get to 300 followers, and I'll add the Clutch in Burnt Orange to the prizes! I would really love to giveaway two perfect-for-Spring prizes this month!! :)