Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carrot Orange Mango Juice

Carrot Mango Orange Juice

I. Love. My. Juicer.

The only fruits and veggies I had on hand were carrots, a mango, and oranges, so I tried juicing all of those together and the combination is so yummy!

8 carrots
2 navel oranges
1 mango

Makes ~800mL juice. 

Cut out seed of mango and cut the flesh into 8 long slices (3 for each half, 2 sides of seed).

I peeled the carrots, mango, and orange, but you don't have to.

I do this for a two reasons:
1. I want to keep my machine for as long as possible and keep the blades sharp.
2. Prep work is like meditation for me and I find a lot of fun in using my awesome kitchen knives. :)

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