Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello, World.


Since it's the beginning of a new year, and I have some new readership, I thought I would take this time to re-introduce the main characters of my blog. :)

I'm Jenny.  I design and hand make bags full-time in a renovated warehouse loft in Pittsburgh, PA.  We just moved to Pittsburgh mid-November 2010. Before then I lived in Austin, TX where I started my business from scratch.  Best decision ever.

The Boy is the love of my life.  His name is Akshay, but his friends call him Shay.  On my blog, he's "The Boy". 

Hubert is our pug. He's a goof ball. We also call him a Cat-Bear-Pig, for the obvious reasons that he acts and looks like them.  He keeps us entertained and is completely spoiled.

The Boy and I got engaged on December 23, 2010.  Read about the proposal here!

What's next? 

Planning a wedding.

I'll share all the details here! But we haven't picked a date yet. Or a season. Or a year. I have really no idea how to start planning a wedding.



  1. The real question is... have you picked a location?! I'm dying for all the details as you plan them!!

  2. Nathan - I think we settled on it last night! Spring 2012 in Pittsburgh - keep your schedule free for a trip to Pitt. :)

  3. When I got engaged, everyone told us we were the worst at planning a wedding. It took us about 6 months to pick a date. Then we changed the date. We didn't want to talk to people so that makes planning hard. We did get married 1 year after we got engaged (well 4 days short of a full year) and it worked out fine.

    I don't have suggestions for down town but just make sure the food is good. I was married 3.5 years ago and people still talk about our wedding food. (We had a full buffet + a taco bar)