Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet Mini

Mini Ruche in Port Royale
Mini Ruche in Port Royale
Mini Ruche in Port Royale

This is Baby and Brief's teenage daughter, Mini.

The Mini Ruche Bag is the bag that ties all my designs together into a more cohesive collection -- inheriting characteristics from Baby Ruche, The Briefcase and The Clutch.

Mini is larger than The Clutch and smaller than Baby Ruche. The perfect size for all the essentials and a little more. Easily carries an iPad.  :)

She's got a removable and adjustable strap, so if you need to do some hands-free shopping damage, lengthen the strap and sling it across your chest like a messenger. Remove the straps and use the handles for a nice tote. She's so versatile!

Find The Mini Ruche in Port Royale in the shop.  Dreaming of a different color? Available in most of the leather colors currently in the shop, just ask!

What do you think?

Think she'll get along with the popular kids?


  1. Great job...I love the tote and messenger options!

  2. Love your etsy shop! Red is my fav... So cute

  3. Man, I love this bag! I have one of your Baby Ruches, and this is such a perfect complement to gorgeous!
    xx Olivia