Friday, January 28, 2011

New Juicer

Got a juicer, now what to make?

I'm tired of reading labels at the grocery store, so I'm starting to make things myself so I can control what goes into our food. And really, I just like to make things from scratch and experiment with food, so this is just another gadget for the kitchen. :)

A bread maker is second on my list - but I think I'll just use the oven for now. But if I get a little lazy with all the kneading and waiting, I'll cave and buy one.

My new juicer came in today (yes, I do order online a lot) and I couldn't wait to set it up next to my favorite set of utensils.

Know any yummy concoctions I should try first?


  1. Yes! My all-time favorite fresh juice is roughly 50% orange, 25% apple, 25% carrot. I know that sounds nuts, but it's super good! The orange and apple balance out the carrot. I wish I had some right now, in fact....

  2. Oohh, that actually sounds really yummy. I gotta try that!

  3. Lemme know how the juicer works... I've been considering one for a while now as a part of a more yogic diet.

  4. A juicer sounds like a really smart buy. If we had more room in our kitchen I'd like to have one too.
    And a bread maker is something I've been considering, but part because I like making my own bread and part because of our space issue I still don't have one!

    I'm thinking banana, orange and strawberry would be a nice combination, but I have NO idea if you can put bananas in a juicer. I use the blender and toss some fruit together, then add milk and turn it into a milkshake instead...

  5. Hi Jenny...
    Sweet blog.
    I saw one of your bags on the front page of Etsy and looked to see if you had a blog. And here I am.
    I just wanted to say that a lot of people who get bread machines hate them, and so you can usually get one {still in the box with instructions}{cheap} at Thrift stores. I got one for $9 and it works like a charm. I happened to get "The All New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook" at the same time which is awesome too...